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Angela Wade - Palm Reader

Angela has been studying Palmistry since 1972 and began practicing professionally in Alaska in 1996.  Hawaii won her heart two years ago in 2005, and she hopes to stay here for as long as possible.  She was born in the sign of Aries to European parents in Germany.  The family immigrated to America but never lost the traditions of ancient mysticism.  Her mother read tarot cards and experienced premonitions and contact with spirits. 

Angela inherited the ability to see accompanying spirits and is guided by audio and psychic visualization.  Studies in college and martial art disciplines have honed her natural talents. 

She can provide you with a guided reading of your current choices in life and advise you on the state of your aura, health, chakra alignment and energy.  

A pendulum is consulted to provide 'yes or no' answers if required. Her chiromancy [better known as palmistry] skills provide excellent entertainment for birthdays, anniversaries, and office or family gatherings.  

Gift certificates and meditation guidelines are available by request.  Full personal readings are $50, couple compatibility readings $65.  Call (808) 291-9319 or email for an appointment.