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Reiki Care Gold with Reiki Master Dawn Gold

Interested in a Reiki Class?

Reiki Therapy Can:

-         Improve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness and balance.

-         Increase relaxation, reduce or eliminate stress and improve sleep.

-         Provide comfort and pain management.

-         Promote the body's ability to heal, including mild to acute and chronic ailments.

-         Excellent for all animals, too!


"The Reiki treatments have been an essential part to my journey in personal improvement and development.  A lot of issues and junk were hanging over me, which I was able to finally release!  Physically, I feel much better, and my sleep quality has increased".-Keli H.

 "Whenever I am experiencing severe cramping or arthritic pain, and can not book an appointment with Dawn, I simply call her and within minutes, I can feel the Reiki flowing through to me.  I feel relief within minutes and the pain does not return!"  -Geralyn St. Joseph

 "Reiki worked wonders on my 17 year old arthritic cat, Annie, who no longer can groom herself - not a vet nor a groomer could work on her. She allowed Dawn to and purred, to my astonishment! Reiki worked, where conventional methods failed in calming and soothing her. She's now a happy, groomed and a stress free cat."  -Valarie F.

 "Dawn's healing energy brought quick and lasting relief to chronic joint pain I used to have. This is something years of traditional treatments and medications did not accomplish.  In addition, her Reiki sessions increased my overall sense of well being". - John S.

 "Dawn is a truly gifted and talented Reiki Teacher and Practitioner.  She compassionately helped my friend and her family through the last three weeks of her life, including after care services for the family.  Months later, I signed up for her Reiki classes and enjoyed learning and becoming certified".

 - Available for Fundraisers

- Reiki classes available upon request

- Outcalls available.  Gas charges apply.

 About Hawaii Reiki Master Dawn Gold

 Dawn Gold was born in Kingston, New York and raised in both California and Florida.  She has always had a scientific interest in life and a compassionate sensitivity to people, animals, and nature.  Ever since she was a young child, Dawn has believed that God  gave her the propensity to aid in healing and comforting others.  She has always had a genuine drive to help all living beings.  Prior to practicing Reiki, when helping others, she would either absorb their ailments and/or become completely drained.  Since being certified to use the Reiki energy flow, she is utilized as an instrument and can easily treat any patient without any adverse effects to her.

Dawn is a retired Navy veteran.  She worked as an aviation electronic technician and later became a Navy career counselor.  By becoming a career counselor, this started to fill that niche of her desire to help others.  During this time, she was also a coordinator and participator in numerous volunteering events.   Shortly after retiring, she worked at a health food store which was a wonderful change of pace and thought.

 The first Reiki experience that Dawn had was in the early part of 2000.  She wasn't really certain if she felt anything, but did feel more relaxed.  The next experience was provided by a friend, the following year, for a migraine.  She noticed a definite relief from the pain!  She started to believe that just maybe there was something to this healing art!

 In March, 2002, Dawn took Reiki level I class.  Many positive and subtle good life changes started to take place.  She became Reiki II certified in April 2003, and earned the Master/Teacher Reiki III level in November 2003.  She has treated over 200 people, including many hospice patients (which included Reiki support to the family during the  transition time period).  Dawn has also treated numerous animals including birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and cows.

 Dawn continues studying programs and techniques in the Health and Wellness field.  Her goal is to open a Healing Center, which will treat people from all economical backgrounds.  Dawn currently volunteers the Reiki services to both a nursing home and animal hospital.  Dawn is also an ordained interfaith minister.  Dawn has three children, two of whom are also Reiki level II certified, and has settled in Kaneohe, HI.

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