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Intuitive Energy Healer & Spiritual Advisor Psychic Geralyn St. Joseph

Hawaii healers are some of the best in the world. Some attribute that to the powerful energy of the Hawaiian islands.

Spiritual Advisor and Energy Healer Geralyn St Joseph is currently in the Lancaster, Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE area.

I, Geralyn St. Joseph, am a clairvoyant, intuitive reader utilizing a variety of divination tools. I enjoy helping others through my spiritual gifts.

I have discovered that I have the gift of healing. I am not formally trained under any specific school, but rather follow my spiritual guidance. As an energy healer I am a conduit. I serve as a vessel to gather and direct divine energy to promote healing in your body, mind and spirit.

I also can give spiritual guidance in the form of counseling or Psychic readings. I combine my metaphysical talents with my education to offer different spiritual guidance services; ranging from couple's guidance to business consulting. I have a BA in Communications with concentrations in Law and Psychology.

I have been giving psychic readings to others since I was in grade school, and have offered my psychic services professionally since 1994. My client base spans the mainland from my hometown of Philadelphia, PA to Los Angeles, CA. I also have several international clients from England to Japan. I offer my psychic readings and spiritual guidance by phone and in-person; and my metaphysical classes by Internet for my long distance or time challenged clients.

I am a highly effective motivational and Inspirational speaker, delivering talks on various subjects. Seminars and Classes include: Intuitive Tarot, Completing the Circle - Path to Self Empowerment, Metaphysical Power of Gemstones, Living from the Heart Series and more!

Want to talk to Hawaii Psychic & Energy Healer Geralyn St. Joseph?

I am available for energy work, private psychic readings, group psychic readings, mystical parties, business consultations and corporate events: as a psychic reader or a motivational speaker.

My services are available in person, by phone

808 261-7866 & over the Internet at (Initial psychic readings must be done in person or over the phone and paid in advance.)

I am currently on the mainland serving the Philadelphia area. All my services are available long distance.

General Pricing Structure

Psychic Intuitive Readings  $525.00/hour
                                                       $275/ 1/2hr, $150/ 15min

Coaching Sessions**                    $280.00/
minimum 3 sessions
Business Consulting                     $380.00/hour
Corporate Events
             Motivational speaking & interpersonal communication   
                          1. Seminars      $2000.00
                          2. Readings      $450.00/1st hr
/hr thereafter
                                                 Minimum of two hours Plus expenses

**coaching sessions are not psychic readings and do not include psychic readings. Spiritual guidance is a form of counseling.

Classes & Workshops

All classes offered by psychic intuitive Geralyn St. Joseph are available for online study

Hawaii Psychic Geralyn St. Joseph

Releasing the Lie of Loneliness; Path to Self-Empowerment

          offered online & in person - 6 week course $333

Awakening the Whole Self - Healing through the chakkra energy system - 8 week course $480

The Heart Empowerment Series:

         -Heart Empowerment or Heart Repair

         -Heart Maintainence

     -Attracting Love

                    -Care & Handling of a healthy relationship

Esoteric Tarot - Opening to Your Intuition - 6 week course $427

Chakkras 101 - Introduction to your energy system - 3 week course $120

The Power of Gemstones Series - monthly $20 pre-paid,

Metaphysical Bible Study - ongoing, by donation, $20 love offering per class requested


Contact me for more information or to schedule now at or 808 261-7866.

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