What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is practiced worldwide. In the United States more and more practitioners are now developing knowledge and new skills in acupuncture. Many are incorporating all the modalities from the various countries, using hand, ear, Chinese, Japanese and scalp acupuncture along with Russian reflexology and adapting these techniques to the modern times with use of modern technology to produce what is now called American Acupuncture.

In 1996 in America, needles were removed from the "investigative" category to "accepted medical instruments". Being investigative, allowed insurance companies to deny payment for medical acupuncture treatment. There is a bill before congress with 12 sponsors to allow Medicare to pay for acupuncture treatments. The National Institute of Health for the first time has formed a department of Alternative Health care to provide needed research funding in alternative avenues of medical care. We all need to support this bill to maintain our right to choose natural healthcare.

Acupuncture for Beauty, Anti-Aging and more!

"Health conscious people are seeking natural ways to feel good and look good. Many people are afraid of surgery or of having toxins injected into their faces. As a result, the acupuncture 'facelift' has gained great popularity. 

Debra Harrison, Licensed Acupuncturist,

Needleless Acupuncture, Pain Management, Herbal Medicine


Debra Harrison has a unique gift for helping people. Debra helps people to not only heal from injury, but also to maintain health and revitalize the body. A healthy body includes nurturing radiant skin. Regular acupuncture helps to keep the body's systems working at optimum levels. Acupuncture can also be used to enhance a youthful appearance.

A Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Beauty Treatment with the Benefits of Healing and Deep Relaxation!

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!


Meet Hawaii Acupuncturist Debra Harrison

Hawaii acupuncturist Debra Harrison is a woman of many talents. She has the wonderful gift of healing. Debra's sensitivity to you as her patient allows her to treat you on many levels.

Experiencing an acupuncture treatment with Debra Harrison is very freeing and energizing. Debra Harrison has a unique approach to acupuncture, utilizing her intuitive healing abilities as well as listening intently to the patient and their body.

An acupuncture treatment with Hawaii acupuncturist Debra Harrison is often revitalizing and relaxing. Acupuncture by Debra Harrison is a formula for release of dis-ease.

"From time to time I am asked to work with a patient on a more spiritual level.  This takes acupuncture beyond the western medical definition of pain management, into a much more expansive art form." Acupuncturist Debra Harrison

Call now for an acupuncture or esoteric acupuncture appointment 808 864-2152 on Oahu.

Debra also has the gift of animal communication. She has personally helped people and their pets to come to a better understanding of one another. She has enhanced the quality of life of many pets and their owner's through her pet communication and healing through acupuncture.

Debra serves Oahu.
Contact Debra now for an appointment - 808 864-2152.

Photo courtesy of Glenn Ramos

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