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Aloha! Let me introduce you to my friends. The listings below are Health & Wellness Practitioners I work with when I visit the mainland. 
This is just a listing of the healers I recommend, so not all states are represented.
Welcome to Martial Arts Training Center, blending the traditional with the modern.

MATC follows the curriculum started by Sensei John Korab passed onto John Mellace. This curriculum combines traditional training with practical and effective self-defense. Roughly half of these movements are taken from kata. The second half is taken from various systems. This variety allows each student to find his or her own niche, but more importantly, the system promotes success in learning self-defense.

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Pennsylvania - Lancaster
Ed Sisler - Consultant, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, Reiki, NLP and more!

Ed has been a friend and associate since 1997. He has helped me correct my posture, make major life decisions and communicate better. Ed Sisler has an unique healing gift. He sees the whole person and has such a diverse skill set that he can can approach your issues in a way that makes everything seem surmountable. He gives real world advice and treatment. Ed Sisler is a true healer.

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Syd Vitale - Transformational Life Coach, Business Coach/Consultant, Reiki, NLP, HNLP, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Life Change Agent

I was introduced to Syd in late 2010, since that time I have been impressed with his level of Integrity and compassion. Syd seeks to help people heal and grow in whatever way he can. With his impressive toolbox, filled with exceptional training and a strong intuition to guide him, Syd helps those courageous enough to seek authentic life changes navigate through their difficulties to the success they seek.

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Call 717 405-0853 [remember he is in the Eastern Time Zone]
Syd offers his services in person and over the phone.
Select services can be handled through email.

Create A Profound Shift In Your Life with Renee LeBeau, a Transformational Artist

Do you really want to shift your life?  Access Consciousness provides simple tools that allow as much change as you are willing to receive. It allows you to choose to expand your consciousness and reconnect to your infinite being.

Renee catalyzes your awareness and inspires profound shifts of consciousness using various modalities. These include sound, toning, Access Consciousness Bars and clearing sessions. She works both remotely and in person. She also offers sound events in both public and private locations.

Contact Renee now to schedule your session: or call 505-471-6567

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Hawaii Healers Welcome!
If you are a healer who resides in Hawaii and would like to be included on this website, email Geralyn St. Joseph at with your contact info, a short bio and the type of healing work you do. I will contact you with further information. Mahalo!